07 November, 2014

Recent Problems with Email Accounts/Passwords

Having problems with logging in to you email address hosted with Fearn Web Hosting?

You almost certainly have one or more devices sending an incorrect password. there have been a number of customers with this issue recently, this is due to increased security settings following a number of brute force attacks on our servers.

To resolve this, you'll need to take the following steps.
  1. Remove all the account(s) you are having issues with from all devices. This is to prevent the device from attempting to log in whilst we are removing the IP restriction.
  2. Send us a list of all the email accounts which are affected.
  3. Send us the IP addresses of all locations from were you are logging in. To find out your IP addresses, go to whatismip.com from each device, at each location.
  4. Wait! We'll remove any IP restrictions from the server, this can take a day or so. Attempts to log in or check email during this time often cause further delays.
  5. We'll then reset your password once we have confirmation from the data center that the IP addresses are removed from the block list. Once this is complete we'll send you the new log in details.
  6. Set up your account again with your new password.
If you have multiple email addresses which are attempting to log in, it is essential that you disable all of them. This is because it's the IP address which is being blocked, not just the email account.

25 March, 2014

How can I Find my Domain Password/EPP Key or AuthCode

In order to find your EPP Keys follow the directions below:
  1. Login to the admin panel at http://fearnwebhosting.com
  2. Search/Locate the required domain name in the section 'Administer/Upgrade domain' and click 'Administer'
  3. Click 'Domain Name'
  4. The domain level console will display the auth code in different ways, depending on the domain type:
  • Generic TLD domains (com, net, org, biz) – the auth code is displayed beneath the heading EPP Password Information
  • .au domain names (com.au, net.au, org.au) – Locate the heading Current domain password (Auth-Info) beneath the section Update Domain Password. and click 'View', to display the auth code.

09 March, 2014

Melbourne IT intends to acquire TPP Wholesale

Last week Melbourne IT announced their intent to acquire Netregistry Group, which includes TPP Wholesale. Fearn Web Design & Fearn Web Hosting use TPP Wholesale to provide web hosting and domain name registration.

Following the acquisition Melbourne IT will be providing additional investment and focus through the TPP Wholesale business with the development of new products and enhanced functionality.
In terms of platform, pricing and support, current Fearn Web Design customers will not be impacted in any negative way — it is business as usual. Your current pricing will be maintained and there is no strategy to alter any pricing as a result of this acquisition.

03 September, 2013

Essential Retail - Q&A: Retail IT expert Jevern Partridge

What do you think are going to be the key trends in retail technology over the next 12 months?
Whilst mobile has been a mainstream retail technology for a few years now (remember the iPhone is 5 years old), retailers are now starting to realise that it is capable of touching all parts of the organisation. From mobile websites to smartphone apps, the opportunities are endless.
The best retailers will find their mobile strategy is at the heart of what they do and rather than thinking of it as an add on to the website, retailers need to think mobile first.
The strength of the mobile is that it can join up the digital world of the Internet with the traditional world of stores. Even simple things such as accurate store finder are critical.
Of course bringing an app to life has never been easier with the wide range of cloud services. From Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure, small groups of people can now create something that large corporations struggle to deliver.

Read the full article at: Essential Retail

Experienced retail professional Jevern Partridge is an independent retail consultant at Ridge Solutions and a member of RBTE's Steering Committee.

03 June, 2013

Email Hosting - Reliable email, accessible from anywhere - In the cloud

Built on a clustered and secure infrastructure, you can access your emails anytime from anywhere.
Perfect solution for those who just need a professional email address.

  • Clustered email technology

    Unlike our competitors, our Cloud email hosting is completely clustered - built to handle incoming mail, sending mail and dedicated servers powering our webmail software.

  • Webmail

    Your email hosting also comes with @mail - an intuitive and rock-solid email system that provides access to your email, calendars and contacts from anywhere.

  • Security

    Our enterprise grade anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing software will stop suspect emails from reach your inbox. You will also have full user configuration access to configure and maintain Whitelist/Blacklist, Spam Quarantine management and email restrictions.

    Key features

    • 5GB storage
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Host up to 50 email accounts
    • 1GB mailbox quotas
    • Anti-virus & Anti-spam
    • Webmail

      Priced From $100/yr
      Register now at Fearn Web Hosting

    10 April, 2013

    VPS Hosting Support Specifications

    Our VPS solutions are provided unless otherwise specified as ‘unmanaged’. Unmanaged is defined as a base installation of your specified operating system, network access and remote access via SSH or terminal services depending on the selected operating system. Past the initial deployment of the server, you are responsible for any updates, or additional software installations or integrations that are performed on the VPS.
    VPS Supported by Fearn Web Hosting Customer Responsibility
    Network Availability We will ensure that the server has a reachable network address and is accessible from major internet carriers. None
    Hardware We will monitor and maintain all aspects of server hardware. If hardware failure occurs we will replace any faulty hardware as soon as humanly possible. We maintain an inventory of replacement components, and/or service contracts with hardware vendors to ensure that faulty hardware may be replaced in timely manner. None
    Internet Training None We do not provide training or educational services regarding basic operation of Internet technology and concepts. It is expected that you will have a basic understanding of Internet concepts such as DNS, email, and FTP.
    List/operation of common services. We will monitor and ensure that all basic services are working, such as email (SMTP), web serving (HTTP), FTP, DNS and cPanel control panel if you hold a monitoring/system administration contract with us. Your responsibility to monitor and ensure that all basic services are working, such as email, web serving, FTP, and cPanel control panel. . We will gladly perform manual checks for you should you feel your service is not working as intended.
    Data Backup. Daily snapshot You are responsible for individual site backups, our Snapshot facility allows the restoration of the entire VPS and can not be segmented to a single domain name.
    Scripts and Applications None Due to the quantity and ever-changing complexity of internet software, it simply isn’t feasible for us to know the details of how all the applications you’re running work. You are fully responsible for the installation and correct operation of any and all scripts and applications. We will not troubleshoot or provide any support relating to malfunctioning scripts or applications. This is a policy that we must strictly adhere to.
    SSL Configuration We do offer installation and full support of GeoTrust QuickSSL certificates that are purchased through us. We do not offer support or installation service of SSL certificates that have been purchased through an alternate supplier. We strongly encourage you work with your SSL provider towards a resolution.
    Server Administration None Customers are expected to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arise UNLESS the customer acquires a server management plan. Example: If customer’s Apache webserver crashes under heavy load, or as a result of misconfiguration, customer will be responsible for resolving this issue.
    Software Installation Support None We do not provide support for the installation and/or configuration of any software installed on customer’s (Server.
    Software Supported Customer Responsibility
    Installation We will install our most recent version of cPanel on your VPS. We will ensure that the control panel is operational. None
    Version updates. Should an immediate update be required resulting from a security issue, we will make every effort to notify you of this update, but are not obligated to. None
    License We will ensure that the cPanel license associated with your server is up to date and functional. Should your cPanel license become invalid we are responsible for reinstating your license in a reasonable time-frame (8 business hours). None
    Features and Usage. None You are responsible for understanding the features of the software, documentation, and help files associated with the cPanel software. You are also responsible for creating and configuring clients, domains and users.
    Plug-ins. None You are responsible for installing and administrating third-party plug-ins for cPanel. If the event of failure we are not responsible for recovery, we can reload a new VPS or restore from the lastest available backup.
    Email Configuration None You are responsible for setting up an email account with your client software such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail with the most basic server settings. We cannot assist you in any advanced configuration or troubleshooting such as spam filtering, message rules, etc.
    FTP Client Configuration We will ensure that port 21 is available. We cannot provide extensive troubleshooting relating to the advanced configuration of your FTP software.  We will do our best to help you make a connection using the steps outlined in our Knowledge Base articles.

    The following list details the supported operating systems and applications covered by our professional service and escalated support services, for which basic investigation and diagnostic support may be provided.

    Our service desk cannot guarantee support or resolve reported issues for applications not listed below.

    Supported Operating Systems

    Full support is provided for the following Operating Systems:
    • Debian (latest stable release)
    • Centos (latest stable release)
    • Windows 2008 R2 Web Edition
    • Windows 2008 R2 Data Center Edition
    • Windows 2008 R2 STD Edition (VPS only)
    • Ubuntu LTS (Latest) (VPS only)
    Operating System support includes trouble-shooting and diagnosis of issues directly related to the operating system. For example, defective core applications and modules required to run a bare boned system, or utilities require to maintain usable access to the server (SSH & RDP).

    Supported Applications

    Windows based applications:
    • IIS7 - Install & configuration of server, virtual hosts and SSL where needed
    • Apache - Install & configuration of server, virtual hosts and SSL where needed
    • Microsoft Mail - install, configure and support SMTP connector.
    • Mail Enable - install, configure and diagnose issues
    • Microsoft FTP - Install, setup and configure initial user
    • FileZilla FTP Server - Install, setup and configure initial user
    • MS SQL 2005 - all versions - Install and setup (no DBA work)
    • MS SQL 2008 - all versions - Install and setup (no DBA work)
    • MySQL - Install and setup (no DBA work)
    • Microsoft DNS - Installation only
    • Sophos Anti-virus (only if sold by Fearn Web Hosting) - full application support
    • Microsoft .Net - Install only
    • Sun Java Environment - Install only
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop / Terminal Services - Installation and full configuration
    Linux based applications:
    • Apache - Install & configuration of server, virtual hosts and SSL where needed
    • Exim - Installation, configuration and basic diagnostics
    • Postfix - Installation, configuration and basic diagnostics
    • ProFTP - Install, setup and configure initial user
    • PureFTP - Install, setup and configure initial user
    • vsFTP - Install, setup and configure initial user
    • MySQL - Install and setup (no DBA work)
    • Postgresql - Install and setup (no DBA work)
    • PHPMyAdmin - Full setup and configuration
    • PHP - installation and basic support no code dev
    • Shell - installation and basic support no code dev
    • Perl - installation and basic support no code dev
    • cPanel - Installation, configuration and diagnostics
    • WebMin - Installation, configuration and diagnostics
    • Bind - Installation only
    • SSH - Installation and full configuration
    • Sophos Anti-virus (only if sold by Fearn Web Hosting) - full product support
    • Java Environment - Install only

    06 March, 2013

    Mobile Ad Specifications

    We're currently working on mobile advertising opportunities for Alan Rogers and found the following list of advertising specifications helpful whilst coding our style sheets.

    iPhone Text Links

    • Up to 35 characters including spaces
    • "[Ad]" signifier appended to the start of all text links
    • Portrait 320 x 50 px
    • Landscape 480 x 32 px 

    iPad Text Links

    • Up to 35 characters including spaces
    • "[Ad]" signifier appended to the start of all text links
    • Portrait 768 x 66 px
    • Landscape 1024 x 66 px


    • For iPhone and smartphones
    • 320 x 50 px


    • For iPhone and smartphones
    • 300 x 50 px


    • 216 x 36 px


    • 168 x 28 px


    • 120 x 20 px
    Further information can be found here: