07 November, 2014

Recent Problems with Email Accounts/Passwords

Having problems with logging in to you email address hosted with Fearn Web Hosting?

You almost certainly have one or more devices sending an incorrect password. there have been a number of customers with this issue recently, this is due to increased security settings following a number of brute force attacks on our servers.

To resolve this, you'll need to take the following steps.
  1. Remove all the account(s) you are having issues with from all devices. This is to prevent the device from attempting to log in whilst we are removing the IP restriction.
  2. Send us a list of all the email accounts which are affected.
  3. Send us the IP addresses of all locations from were you are logging in. To find out your IP addresses, go to whatismip.com from each device, at each location.
  4. Wait! We'll remove any IP restrictions from the server, this can take a day or so. Attempts to log in or check email during this time often cause further delays.
  5. We'll then reset your password once we have confirmation from the data center that the IP addresses are removed from the block list. Once this is complete we'll send you the new log in details.
  6. Set up your account again with your new password.
If you have multiple email addresses which are attempting to log in, it is essential that you disable all of them. This is because it's the IP address which is being blocked, not just the email account.