25 March, 2014

How can I Find my Domain Password/EPP Key or AuthCode

In order to find your EPP Keys follow the directions below:
  1. Login to the admin panel at http://fearnwebhosting.com
  2. Search/Locate the required domain name in the section 'Administer/Upgrade domain' and click 'Administer'
  3. Click 'Domain Name'
  4. The domain level console will display the auth code in different ways, depending on the domain type:
  • Generic TLD domains (com, net, org, biz) – the auth code is displayed beneath the heading EPP Password Information
  • .au domain names (com.au, net.au, org.au) – Locate the heading Current domain password (Auth-Info) beneath the section Update Domain Password. and click 'View', to display the auth code.

09 March, 2014

Melbourne IT intends to acquire TPP Wholesale

Last week Melbourne IT announced their intent to acquire Netregistry Group, which includes TPP Wholesale. Fearn Web Design & Fearn Web Hosting use TPP Wholesale to provide web hosting and domain name registration.

Following the acquisition Melbourne IT will be providing additional investment and focus through the TPP Wholesale business with the development of new products and enhanced functionality.
In terms of platform, pricing and support, current Fearn Web Design customers will not be impacted in any negative way — it is business as usual. Your current pricing will be maintained and there is no strategy to alter any pricing as a result of this acquisition.