25 March, 2014

How can I Find my Domain Password/EPP Key or AuthCode

In order to find your EPP Keys follow the directions below:
  1. Login to the admin panel at http://fearnwebhosting.com
  2. Search/Locate the required domain name in the section 'Administer/Upgrade domain' and click 'Administer'
  3. Click 'Domain Name'
  4. The domain level console will display the auth code in different ways, depending on the domain type:
  • Generic TLD domains (com, net, org, biz) – the auth code is displayed beneath the heading EPP Password Information
  • .au domain names (com.au, net.au, org.au) – Locate the heading Current domain password (Auth-Info) beneath the section Update Domain Password. and click 'View', to display the auth code.