03 September, 2013

Essential Retail - Q&A: Retail IT expert Jevern Partridge

What do you think are going to be the key trends in retail technology over the next 12 months?
Whilst mobile has been a mainstream retail technology for a few years now (remember the iPhone is 5 years old), retailers are now starting to realise that it is capable of touching all parts of the organisation. From mobile websites to smartphone apps, the opportunities are endless.
The best retailers will find their mobile strategy is at the heart of what they do and rather than thinking of it as an add on to the website, retailers need to think mobile first.
The strength of the mobile is that it can join up the digital world of the Internet with the traditional world of stores. Even simple things such as accurate store finder are critical.
Of course bringing an app to life has never been easier with the wide range of cloud services. From Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure, small groups of people can now create something that large corporations struggle to deliver.

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Experienced retail professional Jevern Partridge is an independent retail consultant at Ridge Solutions and a member of RBTE's Steering Committee.